Expert Website Consultant and Developer Enlists WSI for SEO Services

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Snapdragon Services offers a full range of website development and support services for a wide variety of organizations across several markets. The services provided include web design, training, software maintenance, and website migration for the three platforms Joomla, Wordpress, and Squarespace. Founder and owner Jennifer Gress has over a decade of experience in Joomla, including co-authoring the book Using Joomla! which is now in its second edition, and in 2018 added the Squarespace and Wordpress platforms to her stable of expertise and services. With their focus on people, whether its prioritizing the relationship between the website developer and the business or the website and its intended audience, Snapdragon Services has garnered an exceptional reputation and enjoys a growing client list of large and small businesses, entrepreneurs, educational institutions, and nonprofits.


Expert Website Consultant and Developer Enlists WSI for SEO Services


Snapdragon Services is partnering with WSI Connect, a member of one of the nation’s largest digital marketing networks, to expand their visibility online. WSI Connect began with learning about Snapdragon Services’ business and the audience they seek to attract to understand what digital marketing strategies would best fit their needs.

WSI Connect will develop an advanced SEO program beginning with a technical website audit to prepare for SEO optimization. This SEO optimization process includes developing a SEO page level strategy and page development, as well as link building through on and off-site content creation. After an extensive keyword analysis and site structure review, WSI has identified three pages to start SEO efforts:

● Joomla Web Design Services -

● Joomla Migration Expert -

● Joomla Update Maintenance -

Moving forward, the SEO program will focus on the development and syndication of content relevant to their audience. This will include SEO optimized blog posts, social media posting as well as monthly reporting. Offsite content will be published on WordPress, Weebly, and Blogger. With an SEO optimized website and long-term link building, WSI Connect expects to increase both Snapdragon Services’ visibility in SERPs as well as driving more traffic to their site.

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