How To Leverage Your Google My Business Listing - 3 Checkpoints

Is your business' listing on Google setup correctly?

When potential customers are searching locally on Google, your business shows up in a list of local results. If you haven't set up your Google My Business (GMB) listing, you are missing a valuable opportunity to attract potential customers!   If you do have a GMB listing, you'll want to make sure it is setup correctly and updated. 


Let's dive in!

First, if you haven't setup up GMB listing, set up your Google My Business Listing now


Checkpoint 1: Verify Your Listing and Information

When someone is searching or scrolling through local results, there is nothing more frustrating than finding a business with inaccurate information.  Inaccurate, old or outdated information turns away potential customers.  One of the very first things your business needs to do, should be to verify your Google My Business listing and confirm hours, website url, address, and contact numbers are correct and updated.


Checkpoint 2: Create posts

Help build trust and credibility by sharing new updates, events, offers and information on your products in Google My Business. Creating posts shows potential visitors that your business is more than a local listing.  It demonstrates that your business manages and follows its listing - actively!


Checkpoint 3: Respond to compliments and complaints

When a customer leaves a compliment or complaint, it is essential that your business is responsive in a timely manner.  Responding quickly to customer feedback shows that you care about the experience your customers have with your business. This article from Forbes provides great tips for how to respond to complaints.  Aside from responding as soon as possible, you should begin by apologizing regardless of who is at fault.  A "I'm sorry you had this experience..." sets the tone, that your business truly cares about its customers and the service it strives to provide.

People who use Google Search and Google Maps will now be able to discover more about your business the next time they are searching for it in their area.  By verifying your listing, ensuring your hours, address and website url are updated, implementing a call-to-action and responding to compliments and complaints you are well on your way towards attracting potential customers to your business.


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Tabitha Middendorf

As Creative Director for WSI Connect, Tabitha oversees all creative marketing collateral created for WSI Connect and their clients. She enjoys working with nonprofits and giving back to her community.

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