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How Zero Breast Cancer spread their educational materials to thousands of parents and caregivers utilizing WSI Connect’s expertise and leveraging Inbound Marketing with HubSpot.

Zero Breast Cancer, their name is their mission. They envision a world without breast cancer and so do we. This terrible disease has touched so many whether directly or through a family member, friend or colleague. We all wish that it didn’t exist and the team at Zero Breast Cancer is working hard to help make that a reality.

Zero Breast Cancer - Girls New Puberty - WSI Connect Case Study

A known risk factor for breast cancer later in life is early puberty in girls. Studies have discovered several reasons why many of today’s girls are entering puberty earlier and earlier. A book published by two members of the CYGNET study research team, Louse Greenspan, MD. And Julianna Deardorff, PhD, called “The New Puberty: How to Navigate Early Development in Today’s Girls” is the inspiration for the Zero Breast Cancer (ZBC) “Girls’ New Puberty” (GNP) materials.

These GNP materials have been designed to help parents and caregivers understand 5 different topic areas on healthy habits and behaviors to promote in young girls . They provides information and tools to explain what these behaviors are and to present them in ways that are engaging and motivating.  All five of these topics – especially when acted on jointly – are designed to help girls achieve puberty at a time that is right for them and not speeded up unnecessarily! These actions are proven to help protect girls from risks that can be controlled.

The goal of the campaign was to present the information in front of as many parents and caregivers as possible.  

By showcasing the latest science for healthy puberty in girls, ZBC could help prevent women from developing the disease and make significant progress towards a future with zero breast cancer.

The content created for the Girls’ New Puberty campaign is world class. It provides important information in an engaging way by motivating and promoting individuals and groups to adopt healthy behaviors.

Leveraging Existing Assets (1)

The Challenge 

They had an abundance of valuable, bright and engaging content, that had the potential to help young girls substantially reduce their risk of breast cancer later in life, but ZBC did not have the in-house capacity or expertise to disseminate the digital content and information to parents and caregivers. With limited staff resources, they didn’t have anyone available who could construct a long-term marketing strategy or plan, nor the platform on which to organize and automate the process to bring it to the scale they wanted to achieve.

It is a problem we see often, meaningful content that has the ability to impact a life yet little to no visibility and a narrow audience. The website traffic was low and there was minimal engagement on their Facebook page and YouTube channel.

To make real progress towards their goal of a future with zero breast cancer, they knew that they had to reach a significantly larger audience.

It was also clear that parents and caregivers didn’t understand the significance of early puberty nor did they understand that there were things that they could do to help promote healthy habits and behaviors.

ZBC GNP- Facebook Comments - Increased Awareness Engagement - WSI Connect

Zero Breast Cancer recognized they needed a marketing strategy and help in creating one.

The Plan and the Process

Zero Breast Cancer began working with WSI Connect at the beginning of 2019 to help increase awareness for the Girls’ New Puberty campaign.

Zero Breast Cancer’s staff is small but mighty.  WSI Connect worked to become an extension of their team and created a multifaceted marketing strategy based on HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing methodology.

Hubspot flywheelHere are the tools we leveraged in each stage: 

  • Attract: Ads, Facebook, Pinterest, CTA’s
  • Engage: ebook, infographic, gated content, CTA’s, email marketing, landing pages, forms
  • Delight: great content, YouTube video series, email marketing, marketing automation

We all knew that we needed to reach parents and caregivers on a deep level and that the education process should be ongoing to increase the likelihood of them utilizing the material.

As the team completed the content audit of available materials, we began forming and implementing the various areas of the strategy: 

  • Leverage Existing Assets
    • The Girls’ New Puberty microsite was converted into a comprehensive and informative eBook.
    • Imported existing contacts from their database to the HubSpot CRM.
    • Created an opt-in email campaign to enroll the imported contacts into the Girls’ New Puberty campaign.
  • Implementation
    • With multiple teams and many different contributors, the HubSpot on-boarding tool helped define individual responsibilities and keep the campaign organized and on track.
    • We setup integrations with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to help enhance the data in HubSpot reports.
  • Lead / Subscriber Generation
    • Utilize the eBook as gated content to capture contacts and grow.
  • CTAs / Landing Pages / Forms
    • CTA’s were strategically placed to prompt the target audience to click through to various landing pages.
    • Specific HubSpot landing pages to guide the target audience to engage.
    • HubSpot forms were added to the landing pages. This allowed to capture email address for marketing automation and demographic information to ensure that we were reaching the right audience.
  • Social Media Promotion
    • The eBook was heavily promoted on Facebook and Pinterest through targeted segmentation.
    • WSI Connect setup, installed and integrated ZBC’s Facebook pixel within HubSpot to streamline ad reporting and analytics.
  • Workflows / Marketing Automation 
    • Once opted in, subscribers joined a carefully designed workflow that generated weekly emails linking to ZBC’s YouTube video series and book reviews.
    • This allowed us to disseminate information to parents and caregivers over time, keeping them engaged and furthering their education.
  • A/B Testing
    • We A/B tested like crazy. Multiple versions of ad copy, ad images, demographic targeting, landing page design, email subject lines and ebook covers were created and tested.
    • HubSpot provided essential data by showing the CTA display and click through rates, email open and click rates, form view and submission rates, and landing page performance. This allowed us to understand how our audience connected with the content and we used that information to develop better content and processes.
  • Reports / Analytics
    • HubSpot reports allowed us to track our KPI’s.
    • We looked at traffic analytics, landing page performance, persona metrics, email performance, audience growth and engagement.
    • The reports were shared with Zero Breast Cancer’s board of directors to demonstrate the progress of the campaign.

Our teams worked closely together.  One on one conversations were frequent and we held bi-weekly meetings to review KPI’s, discuss progress and set backs.

AB Test GNP ebook Title (1)

Because the campaign is focused on education, the ROI cannot be quantified in dollars.  Instead we measured ROI by audience growth and engagement and we tracked multiple channels to help measure the success of the campaign.

The Impact

Growth by channel:

  • Website traffic
    • 425% growth year over year
    • Organic search increased dramatically as awareness brought more people searching for additional information on Girls’ New Puberty & Zero Breast Cancer
  • Facebook Page
    • Followers increased 120%
    • Audience reach - over 360K / over 622K impressions
  • YouTube 
    • Views increased by 460%
  • HubSpot
    • 400+ new contacts added to HubSpot workflows
  • Pinterest Pins
    • 205% increase in daily impressions
    • 115% increase in daily viewers
  • Email
    • Average 40% open rate – targeted donor email 
    • Average 22% open rate – automated workflow
      • 6% click rate
ZBC GNP HubSpot Reporting WSI Connect

The campaign went from reaching hundreds of people to thousands and continues to grow.

The success of the marketing campaign was so strong that it was announced in Zero Breast Cancer’s monthly newsletter to donors and presented to board members.

ZBC Pixel Power Recognition-1

Zero Breast Cancer's campaign, Girls' New Puberty, is different from our other clients. Whereas, with our other clients we've been able to show success through growth in profit, with ZBC's campaign, success is measured on an entirely different scale. A scale that weighs reach, awareness, and ultimately healthful actions. Healthy actions that when started early in life will result in reduced breast cancer risk.  HubSpot's platform has helped us enable ZBC's campaign so that there is continued engagement which in turn keeps awareness top of mind.  At WSI Connect we believe that this is a far more important measure of success. 

Next Steps

WSI Connect and Zero Breast Cancer are scheduled for  an in-depth campaign review in July.  The review will include, workflow audit, sustainability of the social media growth and content production. We plan to take a look at implementing additional HubSpot features such as the chat bot and exit intent popup along with considering blog integration and deepening the Zero Breast Cancer team’s knowledge of HubSpot and Inbound Marketing through the learning center.

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