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Little Wonders Montessori One (LWM1) is a dynamic Montessori preschool in Winnetka, CA for children aged two through five years. Guided by the Montessori Philosophy, LWM1’s mission is to preserve and enhance the educational journey of a child in order to develop confident, competent, self-disciplined, and driven individuals, who can work cooperatively for the benefit of society. As part of their Montessori program, LWM1 encourages students to approach education as a lifetime adventure. Using the Montessori method of education, classrooms are carefully prepared to allow every student the opportunity to develop at their own pace, while preserving and heightening children’s natural love of learning.


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Looking to reach parents who are interested in exploring the benefits of the Montessori method and finding a local preschool program that uses this approach to education, Little Wonders Montessori One has partnered with the SEO experts at WSI Connect to enhance their internet presence through high-quality, SEO-focused content development.

As a part of their SEO services, WSI Connect conducted keyword research to understand content areas that are relevant to prospective parents, competitive analysis to understand what works and what doesn’t for competitor’s digital marketing strategies, and a web audit to understand opportunities for website improvement. This lead to the development of an SEO program for LWM1 that includes an SEO-minded and mobile-friendly website highlighting their programs for prospective students and three offsite blogs with original content. This off-page SEO program will incorporate link building into the blog development, and will be published on Blogspot, Weebly, and Wordpress to increase LWM1’s online presence.

The ongoing offsite SEO program will focus on creating high-quality and engaging content about LWM1’s programs and the Montessori method. WSI Connect is looking forward to helping LWM1 achieve a greater internet presence so they can reach prospective Montessori parents and students and assist them in fostering the educational success and social development of children from preschool onward.


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