The #1 Thing I learned from Inbound19

Hint: It isn't just comfortable shoes.

This year was my first year attending HubSpot's HubSpot's annual marketing conference, Inbound. It was a two solid days of packed learning and lots of walking. Lots. Of. Walking. It was organized chaos that was overwhelming and exhausting.

Long Live Video - #1 Thing I Learned

For awhile now, I've been reading (and seeing) that video is king and it continues to be so. This year, the biggest focus I kept hearing on replay was video. V-i-d-e-o.  Video is being used more and more because it provides a way to connect with your prospects and clients, and for you to tell your brand's story.

Why was this a big theme for Inbound19? Video is an effective piece of content for your digital marketing strategy. It is easier to convey complex ideas in a creative format that is universally understood. Video version 2019 is now being integrated into overall marketing strategies. Why? Over 50% of consumers want to see and learn from video, from a brand they like and trust. Yet, Frankly my dear, I'm scared of video. Let's face it, many of us are scared of video. Scared to shoot it. Scared to put ourselves in front of it, in it and, especially, share it for the world to see.  We have no problem shooting video of someone else, but as soon as we become the focus - our nerves get the best of us.

Different Types of Video for Digital Marketing

Admittedly, when I think of video I think of my son's soccer games, the off-key tunes of happy birthday songs, or the typical commercial you see for a product or service.  To the contrary, there are many different types of video to consider depending on your marketing needs and strategy.

1. Demo - Demonstration videos are great for showing how something works and how it can be used. Like those magic bullet blender videos. 

2. Brand - Brand videos are part of an advertising campaign. These videos increase awareness and attract prospects.

3. Event - Event videos are short shots promoting an event.

4. Expert Interviews - Build authority and trust with your audience by interviewing an industry expert. 

5. Education/How-To - Instructional videos are a great tool to teach your audience something new. Consider this video excerpt on How to Build a Competitive Analysis for Your Business (26 minutes in length). 

6. Explainer - Fictional in theory, an explainer video is used to help your prospects better understand your product/service and why they need it.

7. Animated - Do you have a challenging concept you need to convey? If so consider an animated video with strong visuals. 

8. Case Study and Testimonial - Turn your raving reviews into client testimonial/case study videos to further advocate your company and brand.

9. Live Videos - Live videos are fun to watch. The IRL video gives your audience an opportunity for authentic interaction. Live stream your expert interview or next webinar.

10. 360 & Virtual Reality - These videos allow a viewer to see the entire space as though they were present. You'll see these types of videos when booking a hotel room and you can scroll to view every aspect of the room. You might have also seen or created similar videos on Facebook.

11. Augmented Reality - AR videos allow you to put layers or elements on top of a video.  Pokemon Go is a perfect example of augmented reality. 

12. Personalized Messages - Personalized message videos are great for starting a conversation and maintaining engagement with a prospect or client. 

Did you know video marketers tend to see 66% more qualified leads and a 54% increase in brand awareness? Yes, so it is a safe bet that video is here to stay. 

Inbound19 was a great first experience. Next time, I'll plan out my sessions according to our company's goals and my personal goals. I'll continue to be open to learning and I'll pack my comfy shoes.


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Tabitha Middendorf

As Creative Director for WSI Connect, Tabitha oversees all creative marketing collateral created for WSI Connect and their clients. She enjoys working with nonprofits and giving back to her community.

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