Three Tips for Creating Titles that Convert

Focus on Creating an Amazing Title

Brian Halligan, HubSpot CEO and co-founder, once said that “you can have a great offer with a bad title and no one will download it. But if you have an amazing title, suddenly everyone wants it.”  Yes - people do judge a book by its cover. If your offer is a piece of content, such as a whitepaper, ebook, or presentation, put effort into creating an amazing title.

For an experiment, HubSpot changed the title of an ebook and ran an A/B test to see which one would perform better. We took the original title “The Productivity Handbook for Busy Marketers” and changed it to “7 Apps That Will Change the Way You Do Marketing.”


As you can see, the revised version outperformed the original by 776% at generating leads (first time submissions). Not only that, but it resulted in more customers as well.

Why?  In short, it was specific.

The vast majority of your visitors will read the title or headline of your blog post, yet only a fraction will actually read it! In fact, Copyblogger found that only 2 out of 10 visitors will go on to read the article, post, etc.

Three Tips for Creating Amazing Titles that Convert

Tip 1: Specify X in Your Title

Whether you have 3, 7 or 10 specific points to make in your article, be upfront about it and state it -- numerically.  We are logical creatures who love organization. When we read a number, our brains are tuned in because numbers mean organization.  Being specific, especially numerically specific, in your title not only tells your visitors exactly what to expect, but it also serves as your guide in writing the article, post or page. 

Tip 2: Urgency and Action

How many times have you read a headline and thought, "Ooh, that looks interesting. I'll bookmark it and read later"?  Okay, maybe you didn't "ooh" out loud.  I'm guilty of doing this -- A LOT.  So how do you get someone to read your article right.this.instant?  Your title needs to have a sense of urgency.  The most practical example is when you are online shopping and see that only 5 are left of X.  Copybot gives two ways to create urgency: deadline driven and consequence driven. 

Deadline Driven:  Be the first to grab our ebook - FREE! - before the price goes up!

Consequence Driven: If your headlines are missing these 3 elements, you could be missing out on important leads.

Tip 3: Practical and Useful

Finally, make sure your titles are practical and useful. Your readers have to learn something from your article. Your title can be urgent and specific but if it isn't useful then it won't be perceived as worth reading.

Writing an amazing title takes practice and effort. If you’re struggling to come up with an amazing headline, try using the Headline Analyzer Tool by Advanced Marketing Institute or read 7 Proven Headlines that Convert.  Also, if you have two headlines but just aren't sure which one to use, try A/B testing and see which one garners the most clicks.


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Tabitha Middendorf

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