Tips For Hiring A SEO Consultant

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Tips for Hiring a SEO ConsultantThere are plenty of different consultants out there when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) and helping you and your company with getting noticed. But if you own a local business, chances are you have some very specific needs. That means you need to be smart about who you hire as an SEO consultant and what you end up getting as a final product.

So what can you do, and what can you ask when it comes to finding a good SEO consultant for your local or small business needs? Use the following questions as a road map about not only what you should ask a potential SEO consultant you are considering hiring, but also as a way to weed out impostors and find strongly-reviewed candidates to help you and your business.

What Methods Will They Use?

Off the bat, this may be the most important question of them all; “black hat” SEO, as it’s called, is the use of spammy or at the very least ethically questionable practices to get you to land on the first page of search engines. You may not care or know about that, or care how you get to the first page, but it does matter.

After all, if your business is found to use black hat tactics to move up in search engines, you can be penalized by Google and others. That doesn’t hurt your SEO consultant – that hurts your business. Make sure they use only acceptable and professional techniques to get on the first page.

Do You Have The Money?

You need to ask this question of yourself, but you also need to ask it of a potential consultant.  Figure out and stick to a budget with a consultant, so they know what they are getting, you know what you can expect, and more – right off the bat, without confusion or concern.  Keep in mind that there are a lot of consultants out there that offer super cheap rates.  The results are often even lower than their prices.  High quality SEO can feel expensive, but can often lead to a much larger return on your investment.

Do They Come Recommended?

Ask to see references, and ask for examples of work that they have done in the past and that they can push forward and prove as being part of their total package. A good SEO consultant won’t hesitate to provide references and past success stories, allowing you to figure out how well recommended they come, and if others are saying good enough things to work with them in due time.

What Success Have They Had In The Past?

Linked to the recommendation issue, has a potential SEO consultant you are tracking gotten good results in the past? Have they had success getting people on the front page of Google? If the answer is “no,” well, they may not be as good as they’d like to think! Ask them about their past successes and determine for yourself how well they have done, and if they can do work on your behalf in turn.

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