Tips for writing a great press release

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Press releases have always been a useful marketing tool in building exposure for major events; and, they are increasingly becoming an important part of an effective off-page SEO strategy. While there are many different schools of thought on press releases, here are seven points to keep in mind when crafting your own, for any purpose:

Be concise

First and foremost, be concise. No one will read a three-page press release; shorten it to a page or a few paragraphs and get it done. Get in, get out, and let people get on their way with more information about your company or product without overdoing it.

Spell & grammar check!

It may seem simple, silly, or stupid, but it is critical that your press release is grammatically correct! Double check spelling and punctuation, and make sure you are writing like a true professional.

Tell them ALL the information

Press releases are not teasers – they are supposed to be chock full of information. Who, what, why, when, where, and how are the key points. Make it a point to include all of these points in your press release.  Leaving nothing to be desired, media and local journalists will not have to guess as to what your press release is actually about, or what it all actually means.

Leave your contact information

Another one that may sound obvious, but is actually done far less frequently than you’d think, is the idea that you need to leave your contact information after a press release is sent out! How will the media or others contact you if they don’t know what number to call or where to send the email? Many sites will even all you to include your LinkedIn profile.

Provide actionable items

Provide items that make sense and are actionable. Press releases aren’t announced and published from non-events.  Instead, make sure you are releasing information about specific things such as event announcements, product launches, and more. Providing an actionable item with a specific takeaway, allows media members and viewers to figure out why something specific matters to them and their needs.

Maximize it for SEO

Your press release may be for one specific event, but the content will live on in the Internet long after that event is over.  Be sure to include hyperlinks pointing back to the most relevant pages (no more than 3 links).  Include content about your company and relevant keywords that have the best performance for your specific topic.

Good syndication

There are a number of websites that will submit your press release for free or for a small fee.  At WSI Connect, we leverage the advanced syndication from PRWeb.  It allows our press releases to get maximum exposure while often being picked up by major online publishers.  Not only does this increase awareness of your event, but it also provides long lasting backlinks from authority domains.

Need help with your next press release?  We both write and sydnicate them for many of our customers.  contact us today for more information.

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